Menucard by HAHN

For Allingham & Hansen customer; Belvedere, I have designed a menu vodka card with Bruce Willis to use in bars and restaurants. Verona Bar and Lounge has gotten 50 produced with their logo on the back - silkprinted. Copyright A&H + HAHN 2012

2050 pcs. printed without the Verona logo for cost efficiancy. The 50 menucards has silkprintet "Verona" logo.
Sobieski "Bruce Willis" Vodka Menu
Print and clearcoated (kachering) and glued on re-cycled cardboard
– red elasticband menuholder, matches logocolor

Customer: Belvedere – Verona Bar & Lounge Bar
Graphic design and layout by HAHN.
Productionteam: Allingham & Hansen, Schrøder Grafisk A/S, Grafisk Finish A/S

The designing and production of theese ringbinders, covers a.o. has been done in colaboration with and for Allingham & Hansen A/S, Grafisk Bind A/S, or Grafisk Finish A/S and Schrøder Grafisk A/S - together theese four companies form 'Det Grafiske Hus' located in Risskov near Aarhus in Denmark.

AD assistance and hands-on in designing the graphics, fonts and colourchoises, materials, layout, dtp and prepress etc. using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. For the projects, I am working alongside with dummy-designers and the productionteams including silkprint- and/or foil.
All designs and products in this, my portfolio, has been created in 2012. All rights reserved.

Copyright - Allingham & Hansen A/S and HAHN – Grafisk Kommunikation · 2012

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