Packaging Design
Heartbox – StressHeart Merchandise Packagedesign
EST ideabox for EST client Hjerteforeningen.
Graphics, Dummy by HAHN

The designing and production of theese packagedesigns in colaboration with and for Allingham & Hansen A/S, Grafisk Bind A/S, or Grafisk Finish A/S and Schrøder Grafisk A/S - together theese four companies form 'Det Grafiske Hus' located in Risskov near Aarhus in Denmark.
Most of my input has been AD assistance and hands-on in designing the graphics, fonts and colourchoises, layout, dtp and prepress etc. using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.
For the projects, I am working alongside with dummy-designers and the productionteams including silkprint- and/or foil production.
All designs and products in this, my portfolio, has been created in 2012. All rights reserved.
Copyright - Allingham & Hansen A/S and HAHN – Grafisk Kommunikation · 2012

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